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Night out


When last we left you Chad had just arrived home from work and I was going to go and see "what's what". It turns out that Chad had plans to go to Doc's, a pub downtown, for wing night. Without much in the way of convincing I was talked into it and soon Chad, Kara, Justin, Cass and myself were seated around a large table ordering wings, beer, dry ribs and diet colas. It was a good night, and after we left Justin joined us at our place where I played some NHL2K3 and then we watched two episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

In NHL2K3 I'm already into the playoffs, having simulated most of the first season. I've won the first two rounds, against the Avalanche and the Kings, and now just have one game to go to beat the Coyotes in order to reach the final and bring the cup back home to Edmonton.

Which would be some-kind-of-fucking-wonderful, if it were real instead of a video game. Having said that I watched some Classic NHL on television the other day, and they showed the Oilers versus Blackhawks playoff series from 1990 when the Oil won their last cup. It was fucking brilliant. The Oilers had one game when they scored eight goals, and this was post Gretzky.

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