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I got a card from Nathan today thanking me for the fondue set and for speaking at his wedding. It was sweet, and showed the penmanship of a true gentleman. I also, after shifting through the stack of Captial News newspapers sitting at our front door, found that I had received a response from my application to my first post-secondary job. The package, from the Government of Canada no less, basically wants me to confirm that I'm not a habitual drug user and that they can run a background check on me to make sure I haven't spent a few years in an Afghanistan training camp learning about how to fly planes and look American. I have to clarify with them a few things about what they want in way of proof of my education. They want my official transcripts and a photocopy of my diploma but I don't have that yet since I'm not graduating until January. Or I'm not finished until January and then who knows when they actually get around to printing me out a diploma.

It sounds like Chad is home, so I'd better go and see what's what.

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