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I feel woozy. I've had a headache all day and now after taking enough painkillers to stun a horse I feel as stunned as a horse. Which seems to be the way this day is going. It's just a day when, though nothing particularly is going wrong, there really seems to be no reason for you to be living. Not that living is bad, but it just seems so... not required... on days like this. The sort of day that makes atheists into agnostics. Come to think of it a day like this would probably make anyone into an agnostic because if God had spent his time making something so bland, one must question his usefullness if not his existance. Having said that I'm hoping life will pick up a bit. Tomorrow I'm going to the Tegan and Sarah show at the Well to cover it for the Phoenix, which will be fun.

There is much more to say, but I'm kaput for now.

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