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Only 2 songs in me

I am stuck in traffic, trying to get to Vernon before Ebenezers closes so I can get my weekly comic injection.

It is raining and I always enjoy driving in the rain. And no that's not just me being sarcastic or my dry humour. (Get it, rain - dry humour). My iPod is playing “Run” by Snow Patrol.

It feels good to pull out of traffic and hit the faster flow of the highway. Coming back from Alberta I got my first (Canadian) speeding ticket here so I'm cautious, though I've been down this patch of road dozend of times.

I'm free and clear. I tell my iPod to play the new Matt Good album and as I drive I come up with my first decent idea for a novel in years. In my mind I've already sold the movie rights and cast the film.

Ebenezers has my comics on hold including the new Astonishing X-Men written by Joss Wheadon (issue #3).

Traffic leaving Vernon is running stupid so I decide to stop at the Earls at the edge of town. I order two appetizers for my meal and then dig into the bag of comics. The waitress tries not to call what I'm reading comics, settling instead on the term “magazines”.

Soon I'm back on the road, heading to Kelowna. So I send this as traffic clears and “Blue Skies Over Bad LandsK comes on my iPod.

Temp voice mail code

This far and no further: skip this entry if you don't like sadness