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10,023 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

cookie_elvisThe 10,000 visitor to this site has gone through the park today. So we released a lot of balloons and I cracked open a case of freeze dried yogurt. Or actually I just sort of went, "Yeah that's kind of a nice cool and round number" and then changed the colour of the sidebar to celebrate.

I am, as you all know, a wild and crazy sort of guy.

So I was going to post something about hot porn action to drive the posts up past 10,000 but it seemed to do it on its own. Which is probably for the best since the only hot porn action to be had around here is... ummm... well I guess I could take a picture of myself in a bathingsuit or something, but that's hardly going to drive traffic to the site.

Other than that there is not much new to report. I've been playing around more with the layout because I'd like to go to a 3 row style layout but it always looks junky when I do it. I don't know how other TypePad sites can look really sexy with the 3 row style.

I should ask.

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