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Comic Reviews

Hi & Lois: real estate joke. 4/10

For Better Or Worse: grandparent humour. Sweet and nearly funny. 6/10

Hagar the Horrible: college tuition joke. 6/10

Beetle Bailey: girlfriend + dog crying = 3/10

Garfield: boy that John is stupid. 6/10

Andy Capp: yeah, swearing. 7/10

Tiger: sadness + cute kids = Tiger. 3/10

Fred Bassett: total shit. 3/10

Shoe: still the best thing on this page. 7/10

Mukluk: no comment. 5/10

Bizarro: always hit and miss. Today it's a hit. 7/10

Family Circus: I'm not saying anything. 0/10

Blondie: map folding joke. 5/10

Wizard of Id: sadness. 4/10

Ben: I get it he lost his son in the department store. How that's a joke I don't know. 4/10

Animal Crackers: yeah, stupid talking fish. 5/10

Tumbleweeds: the only thing that keeps this comic from being out right racist is the fact that the cowboys are as dumb as the indians. 4/10

Broom Hilda: joke about gluttony. 3/10

I can't find Dilbert for whatever reason.

10,023 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

AC Milan versus Russian Oil.