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Alphabet this!

I've spent a good chunk of the last few days trying to organize my life, or at least my belongings. I have quite a lot of stuff, and while it's a good sized room I'm going to be living in floor-space is less my problem than shelving. I've been discarding old university books like used zip-lock bags simply because I have no space to keep them and no time or energy to go through the long and complicated process of trying to sell them. I have one book shelf and I'm trying to devote that to books that I'm going to read again, and not books that I bought because I had to, read three chapters the night before the exam and then threw into a box.

Last night was taken up by the long process of putting my DVD movies in alphabetical order. There are a couple that have turned up randomly in boxes since then, and a few that I know I have but can not find, so the job isn't done yet. However after buying four DVD shelves, that can be built into two shelves, I am nearly good in the way of shelving. In that I almost have enough shelving. I also got two clothes racks so I could hang up my shirts and jackets since I have no closet space.

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