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Warning Bell: a run around of recent events

It has been, I must admit, an event filled last few days.

First off Graham is in town (all the way from Japan), mainly for Ryan Corbett's wedding. We got to hang out a bit Sunday night but he's been up at his parent's cabin until yesterday. Since then, and it looks like until he leaves, he's been busy busy with Ryan's wedding stuff. Ryan is having the full traditional wedding with tux fittings, rehersal dinners and golf outings. Which is far different than the Nathan Carter All You Can Leave Behind Wedding Experiance of Simplicity. I can see how both styles would have their appeal, but being a traditional type myself I would probably opt for the Corbett style for myself.

I like pomp and the circumstance.

As I'm typing this the sky just opened up and started to pour water on everything in sight. I'm talking end of days style rain and not just your poncy Vancouver light drizzle. Go outside, tilt your head to the sky and open your mouth and you'll drown.

In work related news the ever angry at me Ken quit today. Or yesterday, though I didn't know until he showed up and handed me his key and SIM card. This is a double edge sword in that if he wasn't happy here it was best that he quit now, and it was pretty obvious he wasn't happy, but now it leaves us short staffed as we're heading into when I'm wanting to go back to school to finish up my degree.

Today I moved most of the stuff out of my parents house, where I've been house sitting for the past 10 months. Right now it's in my car and after work I'll be unpacking it in the house I rent with Chad and Cass. Tonight will be the second night I sleep there. I've got a few odds and ends still at my parents place, mainly my XBox and a few pairs of shoes, but nothing too major.

Lastly I'm going to Vancouver on the weekend to take my Mini in for service. It's got a rattle on the tail pipe, probably picked up on a very bad gravel road that Nathan and I drove on during our Alberta trip last month, and for the oil change and to fix a problem with the driver's seat.

So there you go, a blow by blow of my life.

The good news for people who love bad news

Arsenal beat Blackburn to claim 43-match unbeaten record