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Wedding 2

Todd Leskie is getting married. Probably right as I type this. The Phoenix Editor-in-Chief will be the second of three of my friends getting married this month. The first was, of course, Nathan Carter and the last will be Ryan Corbett. Nathan's was the only wedding I was invited to, but I'm going to Todd's reception later tonight.

Of our group of friends in high school three of the guys will be married by the end of the month (Ryan, Nathan and Doug) and one of the girls (Karen Wilson who has been married for sometime. I wasn't sure whether or not I should include Shannon or Ali who are both apparently married as well, so I didn't). Chris is getting married next year and Chad is pretty close to getting married himself.

As an upshot I discovered that weddings provide you with a very easy to please audiance for public speaking. Much better than talking to high school students, talking to drunk relatives of the wedding couple is easy with a capital 'E'. So hopefully over the next little while I'll have ample oppertunity to try out my sub-Sandler level comedic stylings.

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