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Airtunes: wi-fi music for my Mac

I ordered an iSight, Apple's webcam, and an Airport Express station for my Powerbook the other day. I've been looking at both devices for awhile, especially the Airport Express which solves a few issues I've had with the way my living area is arranged.


The Airport Express station allows me to extend the Wi-Fi network in my house, and make the signal stronger throughout the house. With my original Airport Basestation in the computer room office on the top floor, and my room in the basement an extra Wi-Fi router will be able to act as a bridge to increase signal strenght.


Of course the other nice thing, aside from being cheaper than a regular Airport Station, is that the Airport Express can plug into an audio cable and connect to a stereo. So I can plug the Express into my home stereo system and play music off of my Powerbook which can then be in the basement playing my music off my external hard drive.

Plus because it's about the same size as a Powerbook charging brick it's going to be super portable, so I can set up a Wi-Fi network basically anywhere I have internet access. This will be helpful at the Phoenix where it would/should let me easily network the G5 and my Powerbook.

As I mentioned I also picked up the iSight web cam. I've never owned a web cam, and so that's sort of exciting. The full motion video that it does is really cool having seen demonstrations of it with Steve Jobs talking to Bono it seems, well not to repeat myself but, cool.


So the iSight has already shipped, and the Airport Express is shipping in early September. So I should have some new back to school toys to play with. It'll give me one more reason to look forward to getting back to school.

As you may have guessed my new slogan is "One more semester!" Yeah.

English Premier League: Week 1

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