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Your golf arsenal

I am wearing an Arsenal t-shirt that I bought in West Edmonton Mall. For the first time if four or more years I have just finished golfing.

The last time I went golfing it was with Aaron Peck, Jeffrey Weston and Nathan Carter. We played a small 9 hole course and have never done so again.

Jeff carried three clubs and no bag. He stuffed the clubs into his belt like a knight would (one) sword. Aaron and me, if I remember correctly, both fancied ourselves golfers so like true golfers spent the afternoon growing increasingly frustrated at our scores. Nathan, as he is prone to do, did not take it particularly seriously and scored really well.

My grandfather, my dad's dad, is in town so the golf trip was because of that. My grandpa, my dad and myself all went to play 9 holes.

I did well considering how rusty I was. I can drive much better than I used to be able to, and hit straighter. It's my short game that's the shits.

Now I'm in Rogers Video looking to rent a XBox game or something.

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