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Comics review

Everyday at lunch I sit in Boston Pizza and read the Daily Courier and wish BP subscribed to the Globe and Mail. I read the news first, entertainment and then the sports. Normally I skip the business section except for the Dilbert comic burried on the stock page.

Here is what I think of today's (07/29/04) comics.

Hi & Lois: a joke about Hi's age. 4/10

For Better or for Worse: a joke about having a stroke and a pun about having a stroke of luck. As always aimed right at Graham's mom. 5/10

Hagar the Horrible: an extra point since we don't see enough Attila the Hun humour these days. 6/10

Beetle Bailey: = sadness. 3/10

Garfield: you'd think they would have run out of gluttony jokes by now. 5/10

Andy Capp: mother joke. I always feel like I should like Andy Capp because in an industry geared towards marketing plush animals he's a British booze fiend. Still that doesn't make it funny. 5/10

Tiger: for idiots only. 2/10

Fred Bassett: gave me eyeball cancer. 1/10

Shoe: the only comic on the comics page that is regularly enjoyable. 7/10

Bizarro: at it's best Bizarro makes you think of a much funnier Farside comic. At its worst you just pretend you didn't read it. Today its a joke about Old Navy. 6/10

The Family Circus: I bet it's funny if you're a fuckhead. The only thing keeping me from slitting my wrists is the great Looper song I'm listening to. -4/10

Blondie: do door to door salesmen actually exsist anymore? 5/10

Wizard of Id: do wizards actually exsist anymore? 3/10

Ben: bunny slippers joke. 5/10

Animal Crackers: talking animals. 'Nuff said. 4/10

Tumbleweeds: jokes about native Americans. Fun. 2/10

Broom Hilda: sigh. 3/10

Dilbert: Dilbert is actually hidden in the business section, but I'm including it here. Good and workman like corporate humour. Not up to its zany best, but still decent. 7/10


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