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An ode to my shitty spelling


I bought a 40 gig 4th generation iPod, and I'm planning on selling my 30 gig 3rd generation (probably for around $200-$300 Canadian). The iPod arrived today and it's pretty slick, however I got the free engraving option and had the phrase This machine kills fascists put on as in the picture. However me being the fucking worst speller in history spelled fascists without the first 's' so on the iPod it's spelled facists.


So that's there for the next two or more years.

Sigh. And I was so careful to make sure Woody Guthrie's name, who the quote is from, was spelled right and then I spelled fascists wrong. It's like the time I made a Smashing Pumpkins shirt for Graham's birthday and spelled Pumpkins without the second 'p'.


Anyway it's a very cool device, and I like the new scroll wheel. I'll also appreciate the extra 10 gigs of space, and I've learned a lesson about spelling.

Which is not to trust Safari to catch all my idiot mistakes.


Michael Dowler