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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.


A letter to Andrew Carter, Nathan's younger brother.

Dear Crispo:

We are currently in Drumheller where the beats are fresh and the dinosaurs are fossils. We were just in the Tyrell Museum and now are in a diner eating the lunch.

Nathan takes over now:

“Kelly and I did our floor routine for the museum staff and were given warm applause and much admiration. Now we fly off for calgary where we are joining forces with a local theater troupe to perform shakespeare in the SAAN store. Tata for now.”

As you can tell the excitment has gone to Nathan's head and he's lost all control. However there is a beautiful truth in what he is trying to communicate in his simple yet spiritual language (he currently has 34 words for carrot cake). The truth is we are near some great discovery, some epoch of understanding. I can not say when the break through will come. We just hold on and let the Great Magnet direct us where it will.

Take care and please look over my plans for 'Girlfriend-a-tron 2004' which I hope to have opperational by mid-August.

- Jeffery Kelly Simpson, 2004

Stay golden Ponyboy

Don' couch