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No one likes a smart ass but we all love stars

We figure, as there are no exact stats on hand, that we've been driving for about seven and a half hours. Now granted I slept for about an hour of that, relax Nathan was driving, but we both agree that it feels like we've been driving for less than the four hours it would take to get to Vancouver.

We're stopped at Hinton in Alberta, and are currently sitting in Boston Pizza (how exotic) awaiting our meals. For the next five days I'm Atkins free so I'm having a plate of pasta. I forget what Nathan ordered.

This BP is hiring both cooks and servers. I always wonder what sort of person lives in a place like Hinton. Melissa Wright who used to work at the Paramount was sent to Hinton to manage a theatre, but aside from that who else? There must be some sort of local industry that keeps people in Buttfuck Nowhere.

It's not a tourist place like Jasper or Kelowna that everyone can work in the service industry.

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