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Stolen Whippet

I'm at Boston Pizza eating lunch, drinking non-stop pop and watching whippet racing on television. That's right we're at the point of the year when hockey is over, the Premiership is just starting training camps up and the CFL is only on weekends.

So as a nation turn to whippet racing. I suppose it beats the strongest man contest which is showing on another television.

Work is slow today, and was yesterday. That leaves me spending the day listening to employees complaining about stuff like the first up schedual, which is how we manage who gets the first shot at customers coming into the store.

So on busy days I get it from the customers, and on slow days I get it from the staff. All for an extra $200 a month. I should start using drugs so I can spend the money on enough pot to allow me to work each shift stoned out of my mind.


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