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iPod inscription

ipodI was playing around with the iPod inscription option on the Apple website (www.apple.ca) and came up with this iPod to advertise the website. Ultimately it's not the one I'm wanting to order, but I thought I'd download the image and stick it up here.

Because it's cool.

In other news work, which I recently posted was being a big fucking pain, is screwing me again. The trip that Nathan and I had planned for months may fall apart due to one hour that isn't covered while I'm away. So because of Saturday from 4 - 5 I may have to skip five days of road trip greatness. That just pisses me off to no end.

I'm going to try to work something out or re-arrange something. However it has inspired my decision to stop being the store manager in September because frankly it's a fucking waste of time, and I probably lose money doing it since it cuts into my sales and hence my commissions. Then someone else can worry about whether or not the store is open and has enough staff.


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