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Boston Pizza Blogging

So this is a trail run of the blogging capabilities of my new Blackberry 7280. If it works as I planned this email will appear instantly as a blog entry. This is all a part of my masterplan to blog more than one day a month.

Blogging more than one day a month is part of my plan for total coolness.

Right now, as the more clever of readers may have guessed, I'm in Boston Pizza. Since I tend to spend my lunch hours here, hidding from my messy desk and work, I have a feeling that this won't be the first post from this booth.

I also hope to catch up on my emailing. I have to write Graham and tell him that I'm free while he's in town from Japan and to tell him about my life. I have to write Chris to let him know that an ex-boyfriend of his lives in Toronto and is trying to track him down. I have to email you to tell you how sexy you are for reading my blog.

My salad has come, so I will go. Stay sexy and keep reading.

Baby don't hurt me, no more!

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