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Amnesty International Canada - Matthew Good

MattGoodAmnestClick here to hear Matt Good's song "Annabelle"

In order to drive traffic to the Amnesty International Canadian site Matthew Good gave them an MP3 b-side off of his new album for them to put up. So click on the link above to take a listen to it.

It's quite good, much more mellow than a lot of the harder songs that make up White Light Rock & Review

I'm really enjoying the new album so far, and hopefully he's going to bring his tour back to British Columbia at some point this summer. I suspect it'll probably happen in July since I highly doubt he's just going to skip over the whole province.

Especially not since a core segment of his support is based in Vancouver, where he's from, and the Vernon show sold out so fast.

Me Vs. Rick Ball

iPod mini / England win