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Steve Jobs on music

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Neil McIntosh: "I was speaking to an academic yesterday who was finding that digital music is changing our listening habits – we have a far broader taste in music than any radio station would give us credit for, especially."

Steve Jobs: "I agree with that. Another thing that’s new is shuffle – there was never real shuffle before the iPod. You could shuffle a CD, but there would be only 12 songs. So you’ve got 1000 songs and you put it on shuffle in your iPod, and you’re listening to things you haven’t heard in a couple of years.

It’s a new way to discover things both on the iTunes music store, but also to discover your own music library again. People are listening to lots more.

I think there’s a renaissance in music that this is going to ignite. Sony did a great job of this in the 70s and 80s. They had the best CD players, and we look at them as a role model in this new digital age – a lot of people have said this iPod is the Walkman for the digital age."

"A great Mac year"

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