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USB dreams

After about four hours of screwing around with my Powerbook, a USB cable and a Motorola T720 I managed to get GPRS browsing working through the phone on Rogers Wireless.

So score one for me. I then sold the package to a guy from the Kelowna Capital News, so score two for me. I also got to spend four hours of work sitting at home in my underwear so score three for me.

So if you're wanting to use a Motorola phone via USB on Rogers with a Powerbook, drop me an email and I might (might) be able to help you out. It is kind of tricky and I had to download a $20 program to write a modem script for me, but I assume it'll work for any phone now.

I have to open tomorrow, so I probably shouldn't still be awake.

Okanagan Riding

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