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Coffee in the air

So I'm on the WestJet flight from Kelowna to Vancouver, and as we're descending into YVR we hit a big bump and the German lady from across the aisle from me loses control of her coffee. It shoots up into the air, across the aisle and down right into my lap. A full cup and a perfect shot.

So my very scientific count of how many pairs of pants I was going to need is shot right to hell because now this pair is prematurely dirty. Plus it's still damp and I smell like coffee, a smell I dislike. So of course it also looks like I pissed my pants and between the flight from Vancouver to London and then the Eurorail trip from London to Paris I have about 20 hours worth of traveling to do while wearing the coffee pants.IMG_0456

Right now we're in YVR at the British Airways Lounge which we got into based on the class of tickets my parents have (first). Sadly I'm once again paying the $8 Telus Wi-Fi charge to blog, which sucks because one would think that a classy joint like this would have free Wi-Fi.

Luckily however they have free booze.

My brother is aiming his camera phone at me now, so I'd better go and as preemptive retaliation, something I learned from President George W. Bush, I'll post a picture of him here that I snapped while we had lunch/supper at the Milestones in the airport here.

So as I said I'll be posting where I can. I ended up taking my Powerbook, partly to see how available Wi-Fi is in Europe since the only place I've ever used it outside of my house or a Canadian University Press conference is at this very same airport.

A few days in

Sit on your hands for the new national anthem