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Smashing Joel Otto's face in

So now, let's first get it out of the way. I've been busy. I'm sorry. I've left you alone and now you're probably feeling justified for stepping out with other blogs. Maybe you've found someone on the web whose words give you that "special feeling" that mine used to before I got fat and bald and started to smell of cheddar.

What those others can't give you is the sort of crazy la vie da loca that you can get here. For example how many other blogers woke up at 3:43 am today and thought to themselves, "You know what a good idea for a company is? Stolen Whippet."

That's right fuckers, Stolen Whippet. Maybe I spelled whippet wrong, I don't know this damn computer (PC not Mac) isn't spell checking as I type so I have no way of correcting myself. Anyway there you go, you can't leave me. I've got you hooked.

Anyway the last few days have been me working and sleeping. That's about it. Oh there was some other stuff. I played video games with Cass for a bit, watched Troy with Yang in Vancouver, hung out with Mr. Ryan Pears and went to the Calgary Flames game with Chad.

Oh I also went to the game where the Rockets won the Memorial Cup. So there you go.

But I just haven't felt like updating this until today when I got a letter from my friend and yours, Mr. Ryan Corbett. So I sent him off a letter and writing the letter pleased me so much I decided to post here.

Here is the email.


This will be supendous, in the course of a week I'll have seen both high school Ryan types, as I caught up with Pears in Vancouver alreay. Now all I need to do is meet up with Ryan Smyth and I'll have met all the important Ryans in my life, period.

I was in the Dakotas bar, which was far less skanky that I had imagined, with Chad watching the Flames game. Over our heads were the Stanley Cup banners of the Oilers and the Flames, and I counted one cup for Calgary and five for Edmonton. Of course I had been drinking but I think even so by my Mike's Hard Lemonaide assisted math we're at least four to seven cups up on those bastards.

I was cheering for Tampa Bay, despite that Kelowna has turned into Calgary-West. Now that the Rockets are done people no longer talk about them, but the Flames. I wanted to smash Joel Otto's face in when he was on the After 60 Minutes special between periods.

Anyway I'll be glad to hear from you once you're in Kalowna. Take care and drive with thrifty vengence.

- Kelly

So shock and awe y'all. Shock and awe.