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Hockey Night in Britain


The other night I watched an ESPN documentary on the 2003-2004 Colorado Avalanche that was being shown on Sky Sports. It was really weird because a) ESPN make good documentaries even though it was obvious at points that they're American and know Jack and All about hockey, and b) seeing something so recent in Britain blew my mind. Like this documentary had the Avs playoff run from last month.

The documentary was in the format of their NFL ones, for anyone who might be familiar with them. It was, as I said excellent. It was also the second time that night that I saw the now infamous Bertuzzi punch, as Sky Sports were running another documentary on violence in hockey earlier in the evening. (That was accompianied by some excellent footage from 1980-something of a young Wayne Gretzky skating around with the 80s' hair looking very much like his Barbie Doll figure).

Anyway the point is that the problem with the documentary was that it was basically a celebration of all that is the Avs. It never stopped to ask what the result of such spending to buy the best players is on the rest of the league, or how teams like the Avs are helping to kill hockey.

Though I have to say it's nice that three of the four teams in the playoffs now are either small market teams (Calgary) or teams from non-traditional areas that don't have the financial weight of the Avs, the Rangers or whomever.

I predict a San Jose v. Philadelphia final. If it was any other Canadian team but Calgary I'd be rooting for them.

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