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HEY, NOSTRADAMUS! The New Novel by Douglas Coupland


HEY, NOSTRADAMUS! The New Novel by Douglas Coupland

I bought a book while waiting for the train to go initially from London to Paris. Of course it was a Canadian book, set in Vancouver. It was the new book by Douglas Coupland which came out about a year ago but was expensive and hardcover.

Now it was expensive and soft cover, being that all books are a bit pricey here. Still it was worth it since it gave me something to read on the train both ways.

Like all of Douglas Coupland's books it's funny, and sad at the same time. Like most of his books since Girlfriend in a Coma it combines the mundane everyday stuff that packed Microserfs and Generation X with the mystical, religious, spiritual and magical. An extraordinary event occurs and the rest of the book is about ordinary people's fairly ordinary reactions to it.

As I said, it's quite good. So you'd do well to check it out.


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