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Triple X

IMG_0707The show playing on television right now is Triple X. So, since it's in English, we're watching that. Today we took the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe and walked around the Chapms-Élysées where all the fashion shops are. The shops aren't much cooler than anything you can get in Vancouver, except the prices are in Euros which basically doubles the cost of everything.

So we saw some watches which were well over $20,000 when transfered into Canadian dollars. That's over half the cost of my Mini Cooper S, and my mini has a built in clock. So umm... yeah that's fucking expensive.

We went to a pastry shop and had sandwiches. The shop was selected by a friend of my parents' who said it was the best place in Paris to get pastry. The sandwiches were, meh. I've had much better both in France and back in Canada.

Okay, so XXX is wrapping up. Vin Diesel is still alive and Prague has been saved. So I suppose it's time to wrap this up. Tomorrow we go back under the chunnel to London where we stay for seven days or so. I'll try to find Wi-Fi there to post with.

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