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A few days in

IMG_0640Traveling with my family is always... interesting. Take for example the flight over. It was a British Airways flight, staffed obviously by the British, and everyone was nice and kind and it was an excellent flight. Of course my brother had to start using a fake accent, and acting like a goof saying that he figured he'd be able to meet a Spice Girl within the first ten minutes of us being there.

Of course my brother being a dink is nothing compared with the stress cases my parents are while traveling. A case in point was the Eurorail trip from London to Paris in which we had tickets for compartment 1 but that compartment was in fact not in operation so they moved us to compartment 4 which was full. So then they moved us to four seats in compartment 16 or something, and those 4 seats were full.

So my mother was quite stressed out until we decided to simply grab two groups of two open seats and live with that. Which worked fine. Of course the cab ride of the Eurorail station from the airport in London was also a debacle because the cab driver smoked (which to my parents is about as socially acceptable as the public flogging of cute fuzzy kittens) and traffic sucked.

However so far Paris has been good. Even my parents' strategy of just assuming everyone speaks English has worked out so far. I've been speaking French when dealing with the locals, though my parents will often still join in with the English like when I was buying four bottles of water from the Louvre and my Dad felt the need to make sure they understood we needed four by joining in the conversation.

I shouldn't complain too much. We managed to figure out how to read the Metro maps, a feat which was mostly hindered by my natural inability to understand public transportation schedules and their inability to read French. (I am no better on the Toronto subway either).

We saw the Louvre which was good, though we are not museum people. We saw the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I'd seen all three before, Amiens where I lived had its own Notre Dame, but it was fun. I have no idea what we're planning for tomorrow.

Anyway that was a quick update. More if my 10 euro wi-fi is still valid tomorrow.

P.S. Ryan I've got a few days to kill in Vancouver so I'll give you a call when I get in.

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