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two notes

First off if you're going to submit a resume please do not misspell the name of your school. Especially if the school is named after the region that it and the business you're applying to is located in. For example if you've attended Okanagan University College please don't claim to have attended "Okangan University College".

Second if you're on a phone with someone it's sort of tacky to end the call, "I hope your throat problem gets better." This is especially true if you do not know the person, and just assume they have a throat problem. I happen to have one paralyzed vocal cord, and like Stephen Hawking its not going to get better. Being at work always sucks because at least once a day someone says, "Oh you've got that cold that's going around."

Which is one thing, and kind of annoying. The "throat problem" comment was a bit of a piss off though.

it's a house not a home

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