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I'm tired of fighting, fighting for a lost cause

I was sorely disapointed yesterday. After coming up with the phrase "people holes" to describe doors, I found out that in fact the writers on Friends had used the word holes for doors before. However they did not call them people holes, so I was sort of original.

The train of thought I was on was how could a boy, or girl, train their pet dog to aid in the newspaper delivering racket. I figured that maybe a dog could be trained to take the paper from the street to the door. But then I was not sure if dogs knew what doors were. Sure my parent's dogs know where the door of our house is. They know that it can be opened and they can go in and out. But do they know that just by looking at a door, or by experiance? So would a dog know where a door to a customers house was, simply by looking at it?

Would they know where the people holes were?

Anyway that's the sort of thought I've been on about. That and looking at an ad in the Kelowna Daily Courier about a reporters job up for grabs. I don't particularly want to be a report my whole life, it's too much scrounging around, but a few years wouldn't be bad. Plus it would provide experiance and resume building references for a better sort of writing job.

I'd earn less, and the hours wouldn't be near as flexible when I returned to school in September as the setup I have at Pacific Cellular, but it would be a writing job beyond the freelancing I've been doing for IGN.

Which reminds me I'd better get back in touch with them.

Arsenal lost in the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United today. Which means the treble is off. Not that I expected it, but I figured they had a chance for the double if they won the FA Cup and the League. I'm still not convinced that this is their year to win the Champions League. However they should be able to beat Chelsea and advance to the next around against Real Madrid.

Anyway I've got Beck going on the office stereo and about 50 minutes of work left to accomplish/survive. So I'll get back to it. Just wanted to post something because thanks to my picture of the new Arsenal kits this site's hit ratio has jumped by like 3 times in the last few days.

Now Nathan Carter isn't the biggest draw.

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