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Going to meet a rockstar


This photo is by Stephen Hui the soon to be new National Bureau Chief for the Canadian University Press. I posted it not because I'm enamoured with the Dalai Lama, but because it totally looks like a post-game press conference after a sporting event.

I can just imagine Mr. Lama saying something like, "What? Shaq has no game! No game! Not like I gots game, I gots the mad skillz." Which if he was in America is what he'd be dissin' out.

In Canada he'd say something like, "Well you know we're disapointed to lose to the Flames but we lost two of our key guys and you know it's all Alex Auld's fault."

In the UK he'd be turning red and shouting, "Any $&%@ body can see that Vernon a world class player!"

Wham! Blam! Thank you...

Buidling a Mini