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I was originally going to call this post "Easter Bowie" because it sounded like the beloved children's holiday creature and because it was Easter and I saw David Bowie. Then I was going to call it holy shit because of the vast amount of studying I have to do in the next 24 hours.

Bowie, by the way was great. To see him play live in Kelowna was something I would never have expected, and he was really very excellent. I wanted to buy a t-shirt but concert t-shirt prices have apparently moved from high ($30) to ridiculous ($45) in the past year. Or maybe it was just David Bowie. A hoodie cost $95 where as at the U2 show, not a cheap memorabilia experience, I got a Levis denim jacket for $100.

Other than the out to lunch prices, it was a great show. Bowie and his band were tight, as well they should be since many of them have been with him since the '70s. He played a nice selection of new hits along with the oldies to satisfy the baby boomers in the crowd. I was quite happy he played "Hello Spaceboy" and "I'm Afraid of Americans" from his '90s albums. He also covered "Catcus" by the Pixies which was on Heathen.

It's amazing how good Bowie still is. I've seen enough dinosaur acts rumble through Skyreach, now Prospera, Place and most of them haven't had a new idea in 20 years. The only thing the Guess Who had developed during their years was the ability to stand being around each other and to play "American Woman" more energetically. Which was hard since Randy Bachman couldn't remain standing for the entire show.

I haven't seen the Rolling Stones, but with the success of the Bowie and Elton John concerts I wouldn't be surprised if they hit Kelowna on their next tour, but they strike me as a band with the same problem as the Guess Who. Except to be fair to them they can all stand up for two hours and they at least pretend to write new music.

Bowie's stuff though was great. His work in the 90s' was as cutting edge as anyones and "I'm Afraid of Americans" was as much Trent Reznor's version as it was Bowie's. "Hello Space Boy" and other songs rocked hard enough to seriously show up the flame thrower dip shit of Nickleback. His newer albums, while not as ground breaking or genre jumping as his 70s'-90s' work, are still fresh and original.

Anyway I'd better go I've got a shit storm of work/studying to do along with my job. So I'd better take a break off of posting. Having said that expect to see a post every ten minutes as I try to stay focused on essaying.

I ate a burger @ the Cat's Meow