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Welcome To Simply Computing

Welcome To Simply Computing

Yesterday after work I stopped by Simply Computing to pick up a few things for my Powerbook and iPod. While browsing the iPod cases I was basically offered a job. They know that I'm in sales and work at Pacific Cellular, and I guess they're looking to hire someone so they wanted to know if I were looking for work.

It's so tempting to apply. I mean I'd much rather sell Apple Computers than cell phones. Selling Apples is something I could be passionate about, as opposed to cell phones where I'm just like, "Sure whatever if you want one they're handy if not I'm sure you'll survive."

At an Apple store I'd be able to share my love of Apple with everyone, and get a staff discount to boot.

But I'm pretty sure I make more at Pacific Cellular than I would at Simply Computing. Much more. Plus it would leave the cellular extremely short staffed.

Anyway I bought a couple of games and an aluminum case for my iPod (as pictured at the top of the post) which should protect it better from dropping and sitting than the cheap leather one that Apple bundles with them.

Anyway today I think I'll try to go see Jersey Girl again. I have yet to see it since Cass keeps tagging along and then talking me out of it. But today I will.

God damn right it's a beautiful day

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