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Matthew Good

More from Matthew Good's blog on the Bertuzzi affair. Having seen it on TV now several times, all I can say is that it was a shameful act. Bertuzzi should know better.

Not only is it just wrong and has no place in hockey, he's a liability to the Canucks as long as he's so violent. Imagine the '80s' Oilers if Gretzky or Coffey got as many suspensions as Bertuzzi does. For a skill player, he's too reckless.

Bertuzzi Fans Out For Blood

I used to think that I received a lot of negative e-mails because of my usual entries. That is, until I made an entry about a hockey player.

Personally, I find it a little strange that people would willingly defend a grown man that viciously assaulted someone, as if the ability to exercise the judgment of a responsible adult goes out the window simply because you’re on ice. Mr. Bertuzzi also now has to tell his own kids why he ended another man’s career and put him in the hospital.

Bertuzzi sign

Matthew Good