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more Bertuzzi sadness

It seems I wasn't the only one who was shocked by the Bertuzzi mugging. Not only was it the talk of the sports news today while I was eating lunch in Boston Pizza, but even non-hockey fans like Matthew Good have weighed in on it.

This again is taken from his site.

Millionaire Cheap Shot

Today I’m a little ashamed to be a Vancouverite. Last night I had friends over to watch the Canucks play the Avalanche in what was supposed to be the game of the regular season. Instead it ended up being one of the blackest days in Canadian hockey. As of this morning it has been reported that Steve Moore, the victim of Todd Bertuzzi’s idiotic and vicious attack, is suffering from a broken neck. As far as I am concerned Todd Bertuzzi should be suspended from professional hockey forever and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for assault.

Way to set a good example for the kids Todd.

Meanwhile the Vancouver Police are getting involved.

CBC SPORTS ONLINE - Vancouver police will investigate Todd Bertuzzi for his on-ice attack of Steve Moore, said British Columbia Solicitor General Rich Coleman on Tuesday.

Further if you remember this isn't the first time the VPD have been involved in the NHL after a Canucks game. Granted last time the Canucks were on the recieving, instead of giving, end of the cheapness but still.

The NHL suspended Bertuzzi indefinitely without pay. A disciplinary hearing is scheduled to take place Wednesday at the NHL's Toronto office.

It's not the first time Vancouver police have been involved in an on-ice incident: they also investigated and charged Marty McSorley, then with the Boston Bruins, after he hit then-Canuck enforcer Donald Brashear with a stick to the head in February 2000.

McSorley, suspended by the NHL for a year, was convicted of assault and given an 18-month conditional discharge plus probation.

The most disgusting part of the whole thing was it was obviously premeditated since Brad May had declared open season on the Colorado player for a questionable hit on Nausland that knocked Nausland out for a few games. It's one thing to give him a little extra shove when battling along the boards, but this is fucking crazy.

"It was an ugly incident and it really puts a damper on the whole game," said Avs captain Joe Sakic. "There's payback but that's not payback. That's going overboard.

"And I'm sure Todd feels bad right now about the result. No player wants to see somebody go down like that."


In other hockey news, and since this is the last day before the trade deadline there is bound to be a busy hockey day, the Oilers traded Tommy Salo to the Colorado Avlanche for Tom Gilbert. Who the fuck is Tom Gilbert and why trade Salo for him? I've got no clue. It seems like a dumb move on Kevin Lowe's part.

As soon as I find something out about Gilbert I'll complain about it more.

Matthew Good

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