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Arsenal to face United

Guardian Unlimited Football | News | Arsenal to face United

It seems that the Arsenal have drawn Manchester United in the last round of the F.A. Cup before the final. Since the teams in the other game this round are both lower division teams it's safe to say that whomever wins the Arsenal-Man U. game will be favorites to win the Cup.

Arsenal are on track to do another double by winning the League and the Cup and only Manchester United stand before them. There are people talking that we're favorites for the Treble, and can win the Champions League as well but there are still a lot of great teams like Real Madrid alive in that so I wouldn't be celebrating that at this point.

Patrick Vieira rightly pointed out that Arsenal have won nothing yet.

"We have won nothing yet," he said. "We have to wait before we can call ourselves a great side.

"Yes, we are doing well in the Champions League and FA Cup and we are well ahead in the Premier League, but at this stage we have no trophy yet this season."

Speaking to London's Evening Standard, he added: "We are getting the benefit of five or six years of many of us being together but being a great team is all about winning things.

"We were in a position to win the Premier League last year but we did not win it. We have learned from that this year and that shows our intelligence."

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