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20 Random Songs

First off I knew Matt Good's claim to have about 4 days of music in his collection seemed low. I have just over 60% of my music loaded onto my hard drive and it amounts to over 20 days. So for someone who makes their living, and a better living than I make, off of music it just seems low.

Now for a random trip through my music collection.

"Law (Earthlings on Fire)"
David Bowie


The Super Friendz

Slide Show

"If You Don't Cry"

The Magnetic Fields

69 Love Songs Vol. 2

"My Thief"

Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach

Painted From Memory

"Here To Stay (Radio Edit)"

New Order


"One of My Turns"

Luther Wright & The Wrongs

Rebuild the Wall




"Bound Too Long"

The Crystal Method

Legion of Boom


Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer

The Boxer Soundtrack

"Aginst Th' Law"

Billy Bragg & Wilco

Mermaid Avenue Volume 2

"Bare Branches"

Spirit of the West

Open Heart Symphony

"Come Together"



"Touch Me"

The Doors

School of Rock Soundtrack


Pearl Jam


"Further On (Up the Road)

Bruce Springsteen

The Rising

"Sweet Sunshine"


Mellow Gold

"Don't Believe A Word"


Between the Bridges

"Let's Get It On"

Matthew Good Band

Beautiful Midnight

"Violently Happy (Live)"


Livebox - Debut


Wide Mouth Mason

Where I Started

And for all those radio stations that whine about having to follow Canadian content regulations, this is a big fuck you. 30% of the randomly selected music from my library was Canadian. So that easily meets Can Con regulations.

My copy of Photoshop 7 went kaput last night. So I'm searching for a way to get it going again and a way to prevent it from happening again. So until then I'm sad to say you're stuck with the weirdly warped picture of Rachael Leigh Cook below.

Britney Spears sign

What other have done by 25