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The next 18 months: a plan of action

So here is a tentative plan for the next 18 months or so of my life. This will be the first time I've articulated this in print, so it's all still pretty up in the air. Things like the extended trip to Europe are even more tentative than most.

Now through to May

Work, finish the semester at OUC and finish up the Phoenix. Try to get off my ass and get a few articles in to IGN.


Go to England and France with my parents. Cass and I are also thinking of doing our own little Eurotrip. I'd basically have to figure out if my parents could change the return date of my flight to North America. I'd like to spend an extra two or three weeks just going around Europe and seeing the sights.

May to September

Depending on how long I stay in Europe and course selection these months will be spent either getting a few more credits towards my degree or actually finishing the degree. I need 9 credits (3 courses), so if I can get them all during the summer golden. If I stay longer in Europe I may have a harder time doing this, because it would mean that I miss one of the summer semesters.

September - January

Work more and save money. If I've extended my Europe stay or weren't able to get all the courses I needed I'll finish up my degree at OUC. I'll also go to Cuba for my cousin's wedding in November.


This is when I'll start to work at getting a job teaching English in Japan. I need the degree before this stage, so that's why it's so late in the list. However I'll do the interview and all the applying at this stage. I'll probably do it through Nova because Graham, Cass and Demle all used them.

Then all I have to do is wait until I fly off to Japan. I'll then spend a year there. So that's the next stage of my life planned. Again this is all tentative, but it's something to plan towards.

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