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Pulse Flow: A mostly photographic weblog by Stephen Hui

These are quick notes now, typed out in a flurry of activity before a yawn breaks through. I have things to communicate and not much time. I have taken a combination of one million sleeping pills and twenty half gallon jugs of rye. And just a touch of maple syrup. It was a heady mixture, one that is sure to re-write the rule book on this sort of thing.

I must not understand the potency of this. My younger readers would be advised to substitute the maple syrup for something lighter, like American beer, until they've grown the iron chef stomach that is needed.

The information I have to pass onto you before my Ross Bagdasarian like mixing genius takes over and makes me go AWOL.

The first is buy good headphones. I can not stress this enough. I have spent every where from $2.99 to $150 on headphones and there is a difference. The pair I ordered from AudioCubes arrived today. They are freaking awesome. They're in-ear Sony Nudes and they kick some ass. They're not quite as good in quiet situations as my giant full headphones, but those don't work as well in shopping malls, buses or anywhere that you have to carry them.

I got them, sent from Japan, today while at work and threw them on while I browsed Future Shop and was blown away. In a store where there's a lot of noise the Nudes blocked out tons o' sound. But I could also readjust my hearing to pick up outside noise if needed.

They are coming with me on my next trip.

I can't remember what else I wanted to say. The room is spinning and I think the only recourse I have now is to make my way to an empty bathtub and curl up in a ball and prepare for the worst. I'll be there with a gun and a packet of sandwiches. Just come and fucking get me.

Oh, wait that's what I wanted to say. I checked who was linking to my site today and found that people were coming to see this place from the official website of Stephen Hui. As some of you may know Mr. Hui is the world's foremost elevator inspector and has been working for the Swedish Elevator Inspection Team for slightly over thirty years.

If there is a book on mechanical elevature then it's damn likely that he wrote it. If there is a word like elevature, then it's damn likely that I'd use it.

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