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It has been awhile since I last wrote anything here. So I am going to go quick to catch you up on the never ending excitment that is my life. So last time I dropped a line I was in Victoria attending the WRCUP conference. So let us begin there.

The conference was good. Well organized and fun. Jeffrey Weston was there and in fact the conference t-shirt was designed by my good friend. I decided to finish my time with the Canadian University Press and did not run for any CUP jobs. However the Phoenix will be hosting the next CUP conference when PWRCUP hits Kelowna.

Back in Kelowna I was once again visited by the door to door religious peoples. They spent some time explaining to me that God was not a trinity and that the God Christ was different than God proper. They also told me that heaven was nearly all full already. In fact they seemed convinced that all the spots in heaven were already reserved. "There was only one man in Ontario going to heaven," the elderly man told me. That seems true, I mean shit it's Ontario how many people from there can expect to be going to heaven. Oh also apparently there is no hell, and the good people who haven't already reserved a spot in heaven will just stay on Earth which will be spruced up a bit after the end of the world. Where everyone else will go I'm not sure.

They again invited me to their Easter service and gave me another magazine.

From the pictures in the magazine I learned that:

- men in fedora hats with revolvers would feature heavily in the apolcalypse

- the paradise Earth will be transformed into will be a farming community

- God thinks swearing is really shit

Anyway they promised/threatened to come back next week and read Bible verses with me. I'm either going to have to be rude and put my foot down on this shit or just stop answering the door. I'm too polite when I can not even tell Jehova Witnesses to screw off.

Meanwhile Arsenal are in the most important two week period in their history. If that is not overstating things. On Wednsday they played Chelsea in the first of a two game series in the Champions League and tied. So they have an advantage now because the next game is at home (though both are London based teams) and they scored an away goal so if the next game ends in a nil-nil draw they win the series.

Tomorrow they play Manchester United in the Premiership and if they win this game they're pretty much assured to win the League. Then they play Man United again in the FA Cup and which ever team wins that goes to the final and will be hands on favorites to win.

Then they play Chelsea again in the Champions League.

So the next three games could either end their chase for the treble, or basically confirm at least the double.

Meanwhile the Edmonton Oilers have been playing like Gods and are now in the playoffs. Which means that every Canadian team currently is high enough in the standings that they would make the playoffs if the NHL season ended tomorrow. Which is fucking brilliant.

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