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An English Champions League

Guardian Unlimited Football | News | Chelsea must break Arsenal hoodoo in the Champions League

That's right, out of the pot Arsenal and Chelsea are set to meet each other in the European Champions League. The sight of two London teams meeting in a competition that pits Europe's best sides against each other is certainly going to be novel.

The last time two English sides met in the European Cup was the year I was born 1978. So that's now 26 years ago.

Arsenal have to be favorites going into this, having won the all three games against Chelsea so far this season by a score of 2-1. Add to that the fact that it's been 16 matches between the two teams since Chelsea beat Arsenal and that was in 1998.

However it's been close going between the clubs, and Arsenal will be playing not only to remain unbeaten and on top of the League, but also to beat Manchester United in the FA Cup. Add to that another match against Manchester United in the Premier League, one that could decide the title this year, and an England versus Sweden friendly and you're looking at a squad that stands to get tired out.

Injuries to any of the key players could ruin Arsenal's chances on all fronts. Missing Henry, Vieira or Campbell would be devastating for the Gunners. Whereas Chelsea have a large enough squad that they wouldn't miss a number of their team.

So it's up in the air. Plus it's more than likely that even if Arsenal gets through the two match derby, they're going to face Real Madrid in the next round. Real Madrid are the favorites and the best team in the world.

So I've got my fingers crossed for another Double. A Treble, well let's talk about that after Real Madrid.

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