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Hockey lows, not just for Canucks anymore

CBC Sports Online: Top 10: Hockey violence lowlights

Just so nobody gets the idea that the Bertuzzi situation is new sort of occurrence in hockey. The difference between these two situations is that you probably will not find too many Canucks fans who are going to stand up for what Bertuzzi did, whereas with Richard it played into the French vs. English thing in Canada.

Plus back then hockey was, dirtier.

Rocket" Richard's tomahawk & the ensuing riot

The longtime Hab set the standard for snipers with an eight-point game in 1944. Few can forget his 14 all-star selections or his 1961 Hall of Fame induction. But the fiery "Rocket" Richard may best be known for the riot he sparked.

It stemmed from a March 13, 1955, game in which Richard was given a match penalty for deliberately injuring Hal Laycoe - tomahawking him over the head with his stick – and punching linesman Cliff Thompson. Richard was later suspended for the rest of the season, causing an uproar amongst Habs fans, given Richard was leading the NHL in scoring and his team was battling for first place.

The following season, NHL president Clarence Campbell was pelted with eggs while attending a game between the Canadiens and Detroit at the Montreal Forum. The game was forfeited and the arena evacuated due to an out-of-control crowd that took to the streets. A riot ensued, causing $500,000 in damage.

An English Champions League

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