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Premiership: United slip up again

ESPNSoccernet.com: Europe: Premiership: United slip up again

A draw and one point for Manchester United. A win and three for Arsenal. Being an Arsenal fan I understand that at any time the team could simply pack it in and cock up the rest of the season, but it's starting to look good. 11 games left and nine points clear. They would have to lose three games for United to draw even with them, and they've yet to lose one.

The trick though is not avoiding a loss, but rather making sure they put away games as opposed to tying them. Today's game against Charlton was a good example of the trouble last year they had when they would let their feet off the gas and coast. After scoring two goals in the first four minutes Arsenal let Charlton get on back and made the last 15 minutes of the game much more exciting than it should have been.

The difference between this year and last year is that last year they would have lost and this year they held on for the win.

With us still in good positions in the F.A. Cup and the Champions League we could end up with a very good year.

I need to get tickets to the game at Highbury against Leicester for when I'm in London. Because by then we may already be counting the silverware.

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