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Out of my bedroom, Mr. The Man

WIL WHEATON DOT NET: this ocean will not be grasped

Wil Wheaton, TV's Wesley Crusher from Star Trek for all you "cool" people who read my site, touched on the gay marriage debate that's basically raging on strong across North America.

Wheaton's view is essentially that he still loves his wife despite gays being married in San Francisco so what is the big deal? Certainly I concede that there are some people who feel that marriage is a man and a woman and was set forth in the Bible.

But obviously these days it's much more than that. If marriage is only a religious Christian ceremony then ban atheists, agnostics and all non-Bible believers from it. If you want to protect marriage so much then why stop at a Constitutional Amendment forbidding same-sex marriage. Why not add one that prohibits divorce, adultery, pre-marital sex and masturbation?

Because that would be ridiculous. To change the Constitution of the Untied States is a huge thing. We look at changing our in Canada every ten years or so, in order to fit Quebec in better, but America? That's some big changin'."

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said it best when he said, "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the Nation." Well what place does it have in the churches or the chapels? And what place do they have dictating to the state?

Though if you think about it this may actually be good for Canada. If America keeps going on this wild and crazy path into the land of no-civil liberties Canada stands to get a good deal of new citizens. Like the Vietnam draft dodgers if Gay Marriage is banned by the Constitution then I could see a large number of gay couples moving to Canada. All we have to do is keep on our path of slowing allowing same-sex marriages, and we get a new population that will be generally better educated and more financially secure than the average American.

These American refugees will the best dressed boat people ever.

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