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Sorry that I've not let you in on any secret parts of my life recently. Things have been busy, or I've been lazy. Mainly I've been fucking about trying to get the copy of Virtual PC that I bought from the Microsoft staff store to work on my Powerbook. It has, as all my trips into the world of Windows have been, a headache.

The main problem has been that the copy of Windows XP that I bought at the same time is an upgrade and not the actual full edition. So it looks for an old copy of Windows '95-ME and then bleeps at me for not having that installed on my harddrive.

In other news we returned from Seattle safe and sound. We added no more tickets onto my account. I now am paying $91 to Washington State. $91 which I can only assume will go towards Homeland security or buying a bigger American flag for the Space Needle.

Meanwhile Arsenal beat Chelsea twice this week. Once to knock the Blues out of the FA Cup and then again this morning to stay unbeaten in the Premiership. The Gunners are now seven points clear of Machester United with 12 games left. So unless they do a major cock up like last year we're going to win it.

And in fact they'll win it while I'm in London. Hopefully I'll be at the last match of the season at Highbury, so that should be exciting. Though I have yet to secure tickets for that. I'd like to get them through the club because it's much cheaper than the re-sellers that I've found online. They seem to take their pound of flesh at about a 50% markup.

Cass is back in town, so I've hung out with him a bit. As time goes on I'm starting to think more and more about doing the teaching English in Japan thing, just as a way to get out of town and experiance something. My great fear is that I'll just graduate and stay selling cell phones and never do anything that I don't hate. So the English in Japan thing sounds a bit stupid but less ass smashingly awful than my current job.

Plus Graham really likes it and now is set to start working in the Japanese public school system, which he's just so excited about. Of course he gets excited easily, but it would be a nice change of pace.

I got my finders fee from Campus Plus for sending Pacific Cellular ads their way. A nice $300 which helps since I've got to buy an RRSP this week.

Oh and I've geeked out to the limit by buying a Peter David Star Trek novel from the iTunes music store. It gives me something to listen to while commuting to the school and back. Like all Trek novels it's... decent. Peter David is a good writer, it's just Trek novels are written for such a broad audiance they tend to be a little simple.

On the indie cool front, he types trying to reclaim any claim to being cool, I also picked up the first Wilco/Billy Bragg CD where they cover Woody Guthrie tunes. And a few other bands I'd not heard of before.

So that's about it for me. Boom.

Portsmouth 1-0 Liverpool

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