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find an alley to pee in

We've been in Seattle for about six hours. So far I've managed to get my first speeding ticket by being pulled over by the Washington State Highway Patrol who promptly presented me with a ticket for driving faster than the posted speed limit. $91 American.

Once we picked up our friend Jeffrey Weston we hit the Apple Store (pictures will appear tomorrow). This was my second time in an Apple store, having been at a much smaller on in a mall in Las Vegas. It was glorious. However since I wasn't in the market for a computer, or much of anything I ended up just impulse buying some cool stuff. I picked up a remote for my iPod and a $75 iTunes gift certificate.

As a further note my iPod performed well on the trip, lasting all the way from our house on Springfield Rd. in Kelowna to Jeff's apartment. It was the sort of über cool that one expects from such a fucking brilliant device. A six+ hour drive to Seattle used to require me to lug around a case of 25+ CDs. Now I can take much more than that in something smaller than a deck of cards.

Ah, but enough about that. It is time to figure out what to eat for supper. Nathan is back from peeing in the alley and so I'm off. Next time I post I'll have trip pictures, and I'll be back in Kelowna.

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