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I like the sound of my own voice


I joined U2.com today so as to get early dibs on tickets for their upcoming tour.  For $40 it seemed like a good idea, even though the tickets for the All You Can't Leave Behind Tour through Propaganda were a bit of a debacle with Aaron and I not getting the tickets until the doors opened for the show.  That almost screwed us in terms of getting into the centre of the heart for the show despite the fact that we'd lined up all day.

I'm digging the album more than I did at first, and I liked it more to start than fellow U2-phile Delme did.  Either way hopefully he'll be back in Canada when they go on tour so we can go together.  My feeling is where as the last two tours I've only gone to the Vancouver show this time I'm pretty free and have the money so I'm going to go to every concert I can.  I'm thinking at the very least going to their Alberta show (either Edmonton or Calgary), their Vancouver show and then maybe one in the western United States. 

It might be a good time to go to Las Vegas.  Anyone want to come with?

What, you're telling me there's still 2 hours left?

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