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The greatest night ever

No I didn't have sex, or make out.  Unless you call making out discovering that the long talked about (if you're me) hockey manager game is not only out but the demo is availble for download.  Further it'll be on a dual formatt disc so it'll be playable on both a Mac and a PC.  This is from SI Games who make the game I have spent more time playing than any other, Championship Manager.

The game called NHL Eastside Hockey Manager, is basically the Championship Manager software with hockey grafted on to it.  It's quite good so far, and while playing the demo last night I guided the Oilers to a pre-season tie with the Might Ducks and crushing wins over the New York Islanders and Minnisota.  I'm trying to order it, because I don't know where in Kelowna it'll be sold, but it looks like hockey managing goodness. 

Delme cancel your life, it's time to take the Canucks to the top.

Championship Manager is a football (soccer) management program where you run a football team.  I've taken Arsenal to the top of the table, and have managed probably close to a century of seasons in various versions of the game. 

Due to some legal thing the name Championship Manager is owned by another company, however SI Games is the company behind the code and the player database.  So this year they'll be calling it Football Manager, however after playing a bit of the demo last night it's the real deal.  It'll also be coming out on a dual formatt Mac/PC disc.

Playing with camera phones

The new best incoming Google ever