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Yesterday @ work

What sort of day was yesterday? Well aside from having one of the greatest customers ever (the novelist who used to rob banks) it was pretty much a prime example of why I'm not counting these last two years as being among the best of my life.

Work was alright until I talked to the regional manager again. He had wanted all these flyers sent out to companies who have lots of employees. The flyers offer special deals for the employees of these companies, and the thought is that the employees will see them and stream into our store and spend money. Our Surrey store has apparently sent out 1,500 of them this week. I've sent out about 24. The regional manager made it clear that they would all be sent out by early next week. I tried to make it clear that we only had two regular staff and as it was were didn't really have the time but I'd try to squeeze sending them off when we had the chance. He pointed out that we were free to stay after work to do it, or come in on our day off. He also suggested I bring Cass in to work a few extra shifts so we could do it.

Now being the passive aggressive monkey that I am I didn't really argue, though I did point out that Cass wasn't able to work that much since we couldn't offer him full time. I pointed out that if we could offer him full time we'd have enough staff and be able to get the flyers out. This is quite clearly impossible, though why it is is not quite clear to me. To the suggestion that I work more than five days I said that I'd think about it, and I'd also think about staying late. In all honesty I'm not thinking about it at all, but that would take balls to say.

How we're actually going to get these things out I don't know. It's not like we have a lot of time to sit around and go through mailing lists and all of Pat's old files. Frankly I ate one meal yesterday and that came at 8 pm, so I'm not actually that keen to cut more into my fairly sparse free time. The suggestion that I do so is fairly insulting since I've failed two classes now because of this job, one of which was a direct result of the regional manager's meddling (he decided to have a radio remote on the day I had a final exam. The other was a correspondence course I was doing this semester which was mainly a result of having to work 6 days a week for 9+ hours a day and thinking that doing a university course on top of that would be fun). Every time all the staff quits, which occurs once every year it seems (and is mainly due to upper management) I end up being the only one working there and having to do a lot of extra work. I end up taking all the heat for everything from both management down on me, and customers at us and Rogers.

Taking responsibility means stupid things like I had to shell out $300 to buy a customer a new phone when we lost his. It came out of my own pocket because it was lost at our store and I was the one who signed for it when it came back from the service centre.

But it's good to know I have the option of doing extra work, that's actually supposed to be someone else's job but that person quit three months ago, in my free time if I have too much work to do during my working hours. Enough whining. I'm out of here.

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