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What's going on

Work since the Christmas break has consisted of starting a running feud with a customer who says I lied to him about something so odd that there's no way there could even be a mis-communication about anything.  My guess is he's just decided he doesn't like his phone so he just keeps calling up and slandering me. 

Also we set up a donation box for the tsunami relief fund.  Pacific Cellular is doing somethig where they're matching any donation made via payroll on a ratio of two dollars for every dollar donated.  So I'll donate something via work.  Anyone else can donate via places like Amazon which has a link to allow you to pay for a donation to the Canadian Red Cross the way you would a book.

I don't know much about populations, I've never known how many people live in Kelowna, but the sort of death toll that's being reported in Asia would be like if everyone in the Okanagan died.

As a side note Delme apparently was in Thailand when the disaster happened.  He'd taken some time off from teaching English in Japan to travel around Asia.  According to Cass he's okay, and was in a part of the country generally unaffected.  This explains an email I recieved from him saying he was okay, which confussed me since I had not heard that Japan was affected at all.

An interview

An iMac white Christmas