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The internet sucks and a clean bathroom

So today seems to be a day when the internet has just started collapsing into/onto/in through/unto itself.  I've deleted the same five messages from Hotmail eight times so far today.  I go to check my Hotmail account, see five messages and then delete them because they're all spam.  Then when I go to check my email later the same five messages have reappeared.  I've been trying to delete these five messages for two days now, and I think they actually might be there for the rest of my life.

YahooGroups has also decided to eat every message I've tried to post to it in the past 24 hours. 

Sales Central, the online system we use with Rogers, has been acting up all week, so it's been old school pen and paper work for me.  Having to fill out a manual app seems to have freaked both Sean and Cass out, but I'm sure they will adapt. 

Speaking of work, which has totally died off from a slight rush over the past two days, I spent the past half an hour cleaning the toliet in the back.  The toliet previously looked like it was going to an audition for the role of the filthiest toilet in Scotland for a student production of Trainspotting.  Now it looks like you could actually use it, though the words "so clean you could eat out of it" will never ever be uttered around this place.

Today's a day without me

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